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John Brabourne Comedy Award Winner Announced

August 13th, 2010

comedy_award_winner Newcomer Simon Stratton has won the 2010 John Brabourne ‘Big 5’ Comedy Award with his screenplay Get Miles.

The Cardiff-based screenwriter will now have his script made into a short film, funded by the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund (CTBF). He will also receive a cash prize of £1,000 from Working Title.

Stratton said he was ‘ecstatic’ to have won: “It’s very hard at the moment to be a new writer and so it’s nice to have someone take a punt on you.”

John Brabourne was one of Britain’s most prolific producers with an illustrious career spanning four decades and twenty seven films. He was the father of Production Wizard Chairman, Timothy Knatchbull, and Production Wizard are very proud to be sponsoring the Newcomer Award.

The winner of the John Brabourne Newcomer Award will receive £1,000 and free use of the Production Wizard website for a year.

Stratton’s film, which follows the life of the unlucky main character, will be made with the support of the ‘Big 5’ award sponsors: Kodak, Technicolor, Pinewood Studios, Arri Media and n2o Entertainment. CTBF and the UK Film Council will fund the production.

Norma Burke of n2o Entertainment compiled the shortlist from over 200 entries and was impressed by the quality of the writing.

One of the categories for the competition was transitional talent and Burke felt that the awards will encourage stand-up comedians, theatre and TV writers to cross over to film writing in the future.

For more information on The John Brabourne Awards:


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Crewing Up Time… the media recruitment landscape is shifting

August 6th, 2010

Networking WebsitesProduction Base recently unveiled a new look whilst Broadcast Freelancer earlier this year promised ‘Radical changes’. Are we about to see a major shift in the online recruitment landscape? The answer is yes, but not from either of the aforementioned websites. Both still ask for an upfront payment from ‘candidates’ to simply create their online ‘profile’, thereby missing out on the demonstrable value (witness Facebook, Linked-in) delivered by offering a level playing field to members on which to build useful business networks.

Despite their youthful, iPhone touting credentials, TV and film production professionals have been surprisingly slow to apply new technology to the day-to-day management of their talent networks – whether freelance or companies. It’s not to say that they aren’t willing. Media professionals and production management in particular, are much more likely than many other industries to mix business with pleasure, joining groups and forums on Facebook et al. And many Production Companies have invested in databases to keep track of companies and freelancers that they’ve worked with, not least to meet health & safety and employment law requirements.

So perhaps there just isn’t a product or service ‘out there’ that captures their imagination or that understands the unique anatomy of the industry: its language, its reliance on teams, short deadlines and its often erratic hours? And that the current industry networking offerings rely upon payment for inclusion sets an unnatural barrier to the growth of useful organic networks? Their ‘no entry without payment’ model (often a pretty large sum of hard earned -or not yet earned- cash) inevitably skews the market, driving the submission of hundreds of CVs for every role posted by candidates no doubt keen to get their money’s worth from their subscription.

So the spirit is willing but the services on offer are weak? We certainly think so. Here at Production Wizard we are quietly aiming to deliver a revolution. We want to offer the industry a level playing field for talented professionals. A free platform where employers can create and manage their network of trusted suppliers. And looking towards the Autumn, somewhere that they can share job requirements or supplier feedback with colleagues, and assess supplier credentials based on credits, recommendations or number of employer connections. We want to create a vibrant and accessible community in which Production companies can manage and grow the talent networks the industry depends upon. Could we have the answer? We hope so.


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