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Man Meets Vue

June 23rd, 2009

Still from movie, Me And Orson WellesIn an interesting side swipe at the traditional distribution model, the Vue cinema chain have entered into a deal to directly distribute films made by Isle Of Man finance and production entity CinemaNX.  Vue has agreed to distribute three films from CinemaNX, the first of which will be Richard Linklater’s, Me And Orson Welles which will come out towards the end of the year.

The innovative deal will cut out the middle man, the distributor, so giving CinemaNX a greater cut of the box office, 50% of which normally goes to the distributor.  Me And Orson Welles is likely to go out to 150-200 screens and could herald the beginning of other exhibitor/producer deals which are becoming popular in mainland Europe.

We’ve yet to see how this relationship will affect those established for many years with the major distributors, in one of the world’s most important territories.


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