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June 23rd, 2009

Poster for Bollywood movie New YorkWith average budgets of around $7m, you’d be surprised to hear Bollywood producers love to shoot in the most expensive location in the US, New York City.  But the city’s backdrop is what attracts producers as Indian audiences have a fascination for seeing foreign cities on screen.

This month, sees the release of the latest from one of India’s largest production companies, the $15m, New York.  Since 2006, eight mainstream Bollywood movies have been shot in New York and now there is a growing service industry tailored especially to their requirements.

New Jersey based, Bollywood Hollywood Productions, provides crews, equipment, extras and organises filming permits.  Interestingly, the district of Queens is home to over 50,000 Indians, so extras are never in short supply.

Still from Bollywood Movie, New YorkBut no Bollywood movie would be without big musical numbers with many dancers, though when in New York, the dancers have to look like they’re from New York. So step up to the plate, the New York based, Bollywood Axion Dance Company who provide Caucasian dancers, trained in many styles, including traditional Bollywood.

Most recently they were involved in providing dancers for Jaan-E-Mann, or Sweetheart, in which a spectacular dance number was staged on the streets of Manhatten.


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