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June 24th, 2009

NorwayNorway isn’t the country that first springs to mind as the likely European leader in digital cinema.  Well they’re about to be.  Norway’s Film & Kino, has signed a deal with five Hollywood studios to help funds it’s country wide digital cinema conversion which includes, their mobile cinema used in rural areas.

The deal is what’s been called a Virtual Print Fee and will allow the distributors to provide digital releases of their movies to cinemas when the conversion programme begins at the end of the year.  The costs will be shared by distributors, cinemas and the Film & Kino group.  The studios hope this will prove an influential example to other European countries, like…. Germany.

The German digital expansion has been held up or some time because of wrangles between the film industry and cinemas over who pays.  A common problem.  Now, the German Federal Film Board has decided to help speed-up the project by investing $56m of public money.  Producers are hoping this won’t be a diversion of funds used primarily for production.


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