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Avid Wins

July 1st, 2009

avid20wallpaperjpgThe American editors association, ACE it to bestow its first Technical Excellence award on Avid’s Media Composer at its Eddies ceremony in February.  This amounts to a pretty big endorsement by the ACE, and a big thumbs down for Avid’s biggest rival, Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

The ACE have honoured Avid not just because they rate it as the superior system,  but also because the people at Avid are always asking editors how they can improve it for them.  But, they say, Apple on the other hand, don’t listen to what editors want and don’t respond to their opinions.  It’s also true to say that Avid has been involved in sponsoring ACE events whereas Apple hasn’t.  So all-in-all, no love lost there.

Could this affect Apple’s share on the US editing market?

Well, the other reason the ACE is shining its light on Avid is because, while the majority of editors prefer it, producers of movies and TV shows, don’t give them a choice as to what system they use.  It’s already been decided, largely on cost, before the editor joins the show.  And Apple is cheaper.

The ACE is making a big statement announcing their award way before the ceremony, looks like politics is entering the editing room.


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