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Teens Don’t Tweet

July 14th, 2009

It’s official, the marketeers don’t really know what the teen market really, really wants.  In a piece of research prepared by the media business analysis department of London based, Morgan Stanley, or I should say by their 15 year old intern, this is the real world insight of what teens are into.

hip2besquareFortunately, movies and TV are fairly safe, teens like going to the movies and often go without having a specific movie in mind but choose when they get there.  It’s more about the experience and going with friends.  After age 15 however it gets expensive and a pirate DVD is a better deal.

TV wise, teens will watch a show for a season then probably nothing for weeks and prefer to watch on computers so there’s no ads.  What they do like however is viral ads for their originality and quirky humour.  The internet is king of course, except for the annoying pop-ups and banner ads, with Facebook and Google being the number one’s, though Twitter they say, is pointless.  (Phew, so it isn’t just me!) Most have it but don’t use it, preferring to text.  And as for music, they’re very reluctant to pay for it when they can download it for free.  Don’t read newspapers.

IN – anything with a touch screen, phones that connect to the internet – usually pay-as-you-go,  really BIG TV’s.  OUT – anything with wires, phones without colour screens, devices with less than 10 hour battery life.

As usual, they remain a mystery!

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