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It’s Go For Basterds

July 14th, 2009

As recently reported by us, the fate of Tarrantino’s latest, Inglorious Basterds, lay in the hands of the faltering Weinstein Company, whose financial problems meant it didn’t have the $30million required to release and promote the movie.   For a while the fate of Basterds was uncertain but now it’s schedded for release in the US on August 21.

Quentin TarrantinoThey’ve put all their other movies on hold to get Basterds out, followed swiftly by the Halloween sequel on August 28.  TWC had hired Miller Buckfire to help sort out its finances, but word was that after the Camp Allen conference, a white knight in the shape of Liberty Media’s Startz/Encore was stepping up with the funds.  This has since been scotched as spin sent by Weinstein’s people to a New York Post journo.

Well at least we’ll finally get to see Mr. Pink’s latest.

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