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July 23rd, 2009

Poster for PIFFFWhile I have to admit by being taken by the anagrams in this story from Seoul, it does present an interesting market model that could be easily taken from the far eastern movie territories where production is big and audiences, huge and dropped into the UK and USA.

NAFF, the Network Of Asian Fantastic Films, has put together the three and a half day market to take place at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, with the intention of putting film makers together with investors and distributors.  But these are no unscripted, improvised meetings, for in the months leading up to the event, both sides had to submit credentials so that film makers and distributors and investors could be matched up with exactly the people they really wanted to meet.

It helped of course that everyone was there for genre films, and 19 projects were chosen with the likelihood of attracting most interest from investors and distributors.

Richard Jeffrey, Tokyo based exec for producer and investor, Distant Horizon said, “Many of the projects here are exactly right, they have low budgets, bankable cast attachments and strong concepts. A high percentage of them will actually get made”  And of the NAFF selection procedure he commented,  “They wanted to see scripts, not just synopses written on napkins…..but it was interesting then to be presented with real projects”

Such an organized market is obviously popular as this second year of the NAFF has attracted more potential buyers who know they are going to be presented with exactly what they’re looking for.


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