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UK Box Up

July 30th, 2009

Slumdog MillionaireMuch excitement as it’s revealed that UK cinema admissions in the first 6 months of the year are up 14.5% on the same period last year.  That’s 83.4 million admissions generating ticket sales of £503.4m.

The rise has been attributed partly to the number of family and children’s movies, including and Bolt and Monsters v Aliens being released in 3D, blockbusters like Star Trek and awards success for films including Slumdog Millionaire and Kate Winslet’s, The Reader.  Not a family movie but a Brit star.

Not surprisingly admissions peak around the school holidays and May alone saw just over 15 million people pass through the doors into the magic kingdom.  Similar results are hoped for the second half of the year, which will include the release of the latest Harry Potter and Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs.

Spain hasn’t fared so well with local productions, though admissions have risen there too. 6.2% up on the first six months of last year generating sales of £238.5m. Interestingly though, with the exception of one film, all those in the six month top ten are Hollywood movies – if you include Slumdog Millionaire as a Hollywood movie.  Spanish auteur Pedro Almodavar’s latest, Broken Embraces, barely made the top 30.

Looks like the attraction of the cinema experience is a strong as ever.


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