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BBC Off The Yellow Brick Road

September 17th, 2009

Dorothy and TotoExecs in the BBC entertainment department are reeling at the news they’re to lose The Wizard Of Oz to indie, Talkback Thames.

Following in the success of shows like, How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? in which Andrew Lloyd Webber searches for the star of his latest West End musical, comes the Graham Norton presented, search for the stars of, The Wizard Of Oz, Dorothy and Toto.  Yes, Toto, the dog.

This was to be produced in-house by the BBC’s Entertainment department but suddenly, it’s been outsourced to Talkback Thames.  What happened?

Well, apparently Andrew Lloyd Webber was talking to ITV as well, while under contract to the BBC, and when the BBC wouldn’t release him from his contract, he refused to work with them, though by which time ITV had gone cold.  The BBC were worried that if they released Andrew from his contract. other talent may grt the same idea. So how do you solve a problem like Lloyd Webber?

The easiest way to keep the show and keep Lloyd Webber, was to have an indie produce the show, an indie where he could work again with Suzy Lamb, who exec produced the shows with him at the BBC.

The BBC said the show was outsourced because the entertainment department was too busy.  Ahem.

I’m starting to have a strange, creeping feeling at the idea of viewers voting for the best dog.


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