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Ball’s Deal On The Table

September 22nd, 2009

Tony BallTony Ball, who brought BSkyB to financial success, is likely to become the new CEO of ailing ITV, it’s just the money to be sorted out.

The money, potentially £30m over five years,  could be the deal breaker and negotiations have been continuing for the last three weeks.  Tony Ball has been after the top job for most of this year and has actively campaigned shareholders to try for a boardroom majority, but when it didn’t work out he had to go through the normal recruitment process.

Now, it’s the shareholders who are holding out, wondering if he’s really worth such a large amount of cash, equivalent to that of a CEO of a major corporation or an international bank, when ITV is already on its uppers.  It’s been suggested that it may now be impossible to get ITV back to its former financial glory, so it may be more sensible to hire a cheaper CEO, to at least get the broadcaster to a more stable position.

If the board do decide the price isn’t right, another candidate, ITV’s Director Of Television, Peter Fincham, seems to be hovering over this job and that as replacement for Andy Duncan at Channel Four.

Another glimpse into the world of TV high flyers, and the search for the one.  But will we notice a difference in the programmes?  According to some, if Ball gets the job, we’ll certainly notice a difference in management style.


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