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Execs Arrested For Bollywood Piracy

September 25th, 2009

priyanka chopraA major operation by the piracy division of Mumbai police has led to the arrests of six top level executives at leading Bollywood distribution and duplication companies.

In the smashing of a plot to pirate upcoming movie, ‘What’s My Rashee?’, (What’s My Star Sign?), starring Bollywood beauty, Priyanka Chopra, it was discovered that the master print of the movie was stolen from Adlabs, India’s largest digital processing facility and cinema chain,  and passed to bootleggers, along with a print of, Fast Forward, another unreleased movie.  It was also found that those arrested had pirated a further 11 movies over the past six months.

Adlabs processing manager, Durgadas Bhakta was arrested along with, Rajesh Chowdhry of UFO Moviez, Neeray Shah, overseas distribution manager for Big Cinemas, Kalapi Nagda of home video distributor, Shemaroo Entertainment and one other.

whats your rashee PoaterThe investigation and arrests were made under the, Maharashtra Prevention Of Dangerous Activities Act, recently established in Maharashtra state and which carries a penalty of one year in jail.

Ironically, Adlabs is the only lab in India which is recognised by the UK’s, Federation Against Copyright Theft, as piracy is huge in India, costing the industry up to $400m a year.

Clearly, you can’t trust anyone!


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