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The Pub Is The Place For 3D

September 29th, 2009

A lot of buzz has been around for the launch of Sky’s 3D service, but you’ll have to go to the pub to see it.

3D in the pubSky are planning to launch their 3D broadcasts early next year, on a limited, experimental basis at first.  But it won’t be family viewing but over 18’s only as the first programmes will only be available to subscribers at pubs and clubs.

It’ll be sports to first get that extra dimension, which would have been invaluable for that tricky decision in the 1966 world cup.  Pubs will need to have new special screens, though their existing Sky HD Boxes can still be used, and there will be a higher subscription for 3D shows.  But not much higher as this is largely a marketing venture for Sky who are hoping punters will be so impressed they’ll want the technology at home.

Then there’s the glasses of course, the ones to look through rather than drink from, they will be so cheap it’s thought they’ll be giveaways or may carry sponsorship.  And I’m sure their wearers will be in for a large dash of ribbing.

Sky have had the ambition to show live sports in 3D for some time and this is their opportunity to test the market and the technology.  The very first Sky broadcasts were also premiered on the pub circuit and it’s now doing very well thank you.



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