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Beyond 3D

September 29th, 2009

Apple iGlassesWith 3D TV about to creep into our media rooms, the ever technology eclipsing Apple, have just been granted a patent for beyond 3D, (not its actual name!)

3D specs may never be the same again, as these aren’t just 3D specs, they’re individual video displays you wear on your eyes.  What might become known as the iGlasses, Apple have had these in development for three years and they’re now ready to move into the design labs.  The idea is that the glasses are fed with video via fibre optic cable from the laser unit carried elsewhere, so the specs are very light. Programming will come from your iPhone or iPod.

They will create a totally immersive TV experience great for movies and games, similar in idea to the early ‘virtual reality’ goggles and helmets, but high quality video and not as clunky.

When and if you’ll be able to buy these is unsure, as Apple patents many ideas which go into the design labs never to come out, but unlike 3D, this is less of a sequel, more a new genre.


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