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Single Lens 3D

October 6th, 2009

This week in Japan, birthplace of all things techno, sees the opening of CEATEC, the show for all things techno.

Sony single nens 3D cameraOne of the most important demos, will be of Sony’s 3D video camera which uses just one lens.  3D camera systems and rigs have appeared hugely over the past 12 months, all, quite naturally, have used some means of combining images from two lenses into one TV picture.  One lens for each eye, to create the depth of natural 3D.

Sony have gone one better, or maybe that should be gone one less, better.  Their prototype camera uses just one lens, eliminating the need for complicated mounts, rigs, focus and zoom calibrations etc.  The 3D is created by a complex arrangement of mirrors to split light from the lens, to be recorded by left and right sensors, and later viewed with polarised glasses.

Sony 3D CameraThe camera will also shoot up to 240 fps, making it ideal for sports and other application, requiring smooth 3D images of fast moving action.

3DTV truly seems set to become the next big thing as also at CEATEC, Panasonic, Sony and others, preview large 3D TV’s and 3D Blu Ray player, also from Panasonic.

Will we ever keep up??!!


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