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The Jackson Tapes

August 11th, 2009

Michael JacksonWell the AEG store was open and the sale was on for the tapes of Michael Jackson’s rehearsals for the O2 shows and behind-the-scenes footage. Over 100 hours of material.

AEG, the promoters of the whole show,  set the start for the bidding at $50m for the movie rights and $10m for the television special.  Sony won the bidding war for an undisclosed amount – they already own the rights to his music.  They plan to release the movie of the rehearsals on October 30 and expect it to be huge.

This reminds me of the feeling I had when Paul Greengrass’ movie, United 93, came out.  This was the film of the doomed aircraft that wasn’t flown into the twin towers, but into a field after the passengers fought back.  Isn’t there something wrong with making money out of tragedy?

I’m sure the majority of the proceeds from the Jackson movie will go to his estate and to pay off some, if not all of his debts, but even so.


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