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Rivers Of Money

August 19th, 2009

Oyster CafeBBC Scotland’s regional soap, River City, has reached an agreement with BECTU which will mean big payouts for camera trainees and freelancers.

The BBC has accepted it has been paying camera trainees less than BECTU rates, and not paying freelancers for overtime while working on the soap, set in a fictional, urban suburb of Glasgow and broadcast only in Scotland.  Trainees were said to be bullied into accepting low pay and it was also discovered that staff suffered poor working conditions and not given proper breaks during the day or during weeks of shooting.

The agreement means camera trainees and freelancers will be back-paid their shortfall for the entire of the last two series!

River City is due to go national in 2010, to be aired on BBC2.


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BECTU Fair Tomorrow

June 25th, 2009

kidulthoodposterBECTU’s Freelancer’s Fair returns tomorrow, Friday June 26, at BAFTA.  The all day event features workshops and seminars by luminaries including Tony Garnet and Franny Armstrong who will be panellists on, Breaking Through – Film Making Which Makes A Difference.  And late entrant, cineatographer Brian Tufano – Trainspotting, Billy Elliot, Kidulthood, will be presenting a masterclass.

Beginning at 9.30 and running to the end of the day, which will be topped-off with the Pitching For Success seminar, booking is online.


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New Model Crewbus

March 25th, 2009

Crewbus ImageBECTU  is soon to update it’s crew database, ‘Crewbus’.  Designed to enable employers to quickly find crew, it features 203 job titles including all camera, production and editing grades.

The new system will provide better functionality to make search results more accurate and will display a star-rating for relevance.  It will also let freelancers upload a showreel of up to 3 minutes.  The BECTU site also has useful info on rates, agreements and tax guides.

Crewbus is only available to BECTU members though, whereas at Production Wizard, we take anyone!


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