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Picks and Shovels

March 18th, 2009

BE076805There always seems to be many, many training courses around for television and film roles. Skillset strive to make sure there are courses available to provide training to specific industry standards, including sound recording, Avid Editing, along with a huge list of camera courses and Skillset’s training subsidies become available from April. They also have a course accreditation scheme which requires a course to reach a certain standard of excellence to become accredited. Others include Raindance – more creative, directing, writing etc, and on Mandy, more choices again. But which ones are most beneficial and value for money?

In the days of the American gold rush it was said that the people who made the most money, were those who sold the picks and shovels. So which of the many courses on offer are worth your hard-earned cash? Let us know.

Let us know which courses you’ve done, and if you’d recommend them.


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