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Paramount Looking For Straws

August 26th, 2009

Shutter Island PosterOctober 2 was a much anticipated date for Marty and Leo as since the early summer, trailers had been announcing it to be the release date for their movie Shutter Island. In a follow-up to recent woes at The Weinstein Company and Summit, Paramount now say they can’t afford to put it out then.

The director and star were relying on the October release to allow a lot of time for Oscar voters to get to see their movie, but Paramount have pulled it as they don’t have the money for the $50m – $60m marketing campaign in 2009.  Or so they say, as word is that they do, but their expectations for DVD sales this year are low because of the economy and DVD sales provide a highly lucrative second swipe at the market.

So Paramount’s planned release date is now, February 19. Why?  Because, they say, in 1991, Silence Of The Lambs, was released on February 19 and went on to win the Oscar.

Now where’s my crystal ball….?


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